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Osborne Should Publish His Tax Return Too, says David Cameron

David Cameron put pressure on George Osborne to make clear that how much tax he pays as the “potential Prime Minister.’’ They were both urged to make public their incomes.

The PM’s official representative suggested that the Chancellor would be anticipated to follow David Cameron’s lead after issuing his tax return at weekend following the leaks in Panama Papers.

In what appears to be a cautiously stage-managed step, the comments pave way for Osborne to make his full income public- and in turn has heaped the pressure on Jeremy Corbyn (Labour leader) and shadow the chancellor John McDonnell to do the same.

It also means that Boris Johnson & other would-be Tory leaders are feeling the pressure to follow the suit.

The Sources also indicated to that George Osborne could release the details of his tax dealings this week, including his interest in Osborne and Little, that is his father’s upmarket wallpaper business.

The Prime Minister is willing to be transparent, that it is right for potential PMs to also do so, said the PM’s spokesperson in the briefing with Lobby Journalists.

“With regards to who’s in charge of the nations finances, the PM takes the view Chancellors & Shadow Chancellors should show transparency too. But he isn’t recommending it’d be the same thing for everybody else involved in politics.”

A Treasury source had however said that they have been clear that Chancellor has never had any offshore shareholdings or other interests.

“His income & interests are straightforward and declared publicly: his salary, rental income from a property in London and shareholding in his father’s firm, Osborne and Little.

“He’s always happy to consider ways to ‎offer even more transparency.”

A representative for the Labor leader had stated that Corbyn sent the only version of his tax return to Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs, and his office was “working on it.”

On Saturday night, the PM published his tax return after he eventually disclosed that he sold off shares in his father’s offshore investment fund before becoming a Prime Minister.

Downing Street claims that the Blairmore Holdings, whose actions were exposed in ‘Panama Papers’ data leak last week, wasn’t set up to dodge the tax & says it’s similar to the offshore unit trusts that’re invested in by the pension funds that’re used by millions of Britons.

No 10 released unparalleled details of the PM’s tax affairs this weekend, issuing a summary of his tax return, which exposed he had an income of over 200,00 dollars a year.