Orange Line Train project: LHC stops work around 11 historical buildings

Lahore High Court (LHC) has ordered to stop the construction work of Orange Line Train project around at least 11 historical buildings.

LHC ordered to stop the construction work in the 200-feet premises of historical building like Chuburji, Shalimar Baagh, Gulaabi Baagh and Badaami Baagh. These mentioned buildings were under the side affects of the construction of Orange Line Train and so ordered to save the building.

It is an international rule to not to do the construction work within 200-feet premises of the historical buildings and finally, LHC has also taken notice of the violation of international rule.

LHC has also issued instructions over the pause in the construction work.

Under the Antiquities Act 1975, no new constructions can be done near a heritage site if a distance of 200 hundred feet is not kept. The Orange Line was to be on track to violate the laws.

Advocate Chaudhry Shoaib Saleem highlights that the Act does not offer complete protection to heritage sites, “By allowing that the government can forgo the 200 feet rule with the director’s permission the act takes away the protection it offers.”

Lahore attracts even foreigners for its historical building and sites however, the way provincial government is acting shows that they do not respect the treasure.

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