“Operation Ghazi” by TTP is a new strategy to destabilize Pakistan, Zaid Hamid

Zaid Hamid was giving an interview to baaghi tv and he unveiled lot of secrets and conspiracies of Pakistan’s enemy. According to him he warned about attack few days back and it is juts the beginning! 

When it was questioned to Mr Zaid about Lahore blast, he stated that he was the one who pointed out that it will happen since a long time as Pakistan’s government is all busy in Panama case, there is no governance, no action plans and after Raheel Shareef Pakistan army is just settling their positions, so this is very critical situation for Pakistan and ideal situation for its enemies.

According to him, intelligence reports revealed last week that three Pakistni posts were attacked by TTP, Jamat ul Ahrar and Lashkar e Jhangwi.

And alarming situation is that these three organizations are working together now under the leadership of Mullah Fazal Ullah.

Zaid hamid continued and said “All agencies are much aware of the activities of these threatening organizations”, “APS students and Police officers who sacrificed lives in Lahore blasts gave us equal and awful grief”, he added.

Zaid Hamid  was asked that journalists, cameramen are also the victims now, why?

He disclosed a shocking and biggest upcoming threat for Pakistan, he said “There is a new force made by TTP and Jamat ur Ahrar called ‘Ghazi Force’, and this force will work against Pakistan , not a single institution will be spared by this “Ghazi Operation” including Judges, Army, Lawyers, Police, Civilians and media houses. Everyone is on their hit list now, only those would be spared who supports TTP, like Molana Fazal ur Rehma, Sami ul huq and Lal mesjid concerned authorities including Molana Abdul Aziz.”

Zaid claimed that still politicians are busy arguing whether Militar Courts should made or not? and enemy is ready to bleed Pakistan.

He also revealed that Military Courts announced the death sentence for about 300 terrorists but only 12 got it, rest of them were saved.

“After former Army Chief Raheel, terrorists started to organize once again and the most miserable thing is that there are representatives of terrorists in all institutions of Pakistan, sitting and enjoying the powers,” said Zaid Hamid.

He was of the view that “National Assembly’s deputy chairman Fazal ur Rehman oposses almost every national plan and he is the one supporter of TTP sitting in Parliament,.”

According to Zaid TTP is running Pakistani Politics and our politicians, aristocrats and government are willing to sacrifice the blood of Pakistanis.

Zaid Hamid said “Just four days back, i informed that enemy will attack on the back of Pakistan Army, and it happened”.

Ghazi Operation is against Pakistan and the brother of particular terrorist Molana Abdulaziz is secured by Federal ministry of Interior, as ministry says there is no case proven on him.

This is the irony that the former Army Chief Musharaf who wanted to file cases on him is under lot of cases now, said Hamid.

Government has ended up all allegations on Molana Abdulaziz.

According to him, Pakistani nation will only pick up the dead bodies of their loved ones because they can not do anything else. It is the responsibility of Government, Judiciary to make action plan and to build army course.

While talking about Najam Sethi, Zaid said ” he was the one who was a rebillion of Pakistan army in 1970 in Baluchistan and got arrested. His death sentence warrant was also issued but due to the negotiation between Zia ul Huq and Baloch rulers Sethi got bail and aplogy,” and he is sitting in Pakistani politics , PCB even he appointed as governor, so what else can we expect from Pakistan’s ruling authorities?”

Zaid Hamid ended up while telling that we need to get out of our political issues as Pakistan is going to suffer a big conspiracy. If we keep fighting with each other then people will only collect the dead bodies!