‘One does not respond to criticism by cutting off heads’: President Rouhani

TEHRAN: On Tuesday, President Hassan Rouhani of Iran stated that Saudi Arab must not counter to disapproval of its regime by beheading people. President Rouhani referred to the recent execution of Nimr al Nimr who is a prominent Shia scholar.  

Representatives have not mentioned how the cleric was executed beheading is widespread in Saudi Arab.

“One does not respond to criticism by cutting off heads,” Hassan Rouhani

“I hope that European countries who always react on human rights matters will meet their duties.” President Rouhani added

Human rights groups frequently condemn the death penalty of Iran.

Iran’s president has also charged Saudi Arab of using the cleric’s execution as an excuse to demolish the ties between the two states.

President Rouhani also stated that Saudi Arab is only covering its sins by executing the clerics.

 “Saudi Arabia cannot cover its crime of having cut off the head of a cleric by cutting relations,”

The hostility was also opposed by Rouhani and Iran’s courts which stated that 50 people were part of the incidents, which included ringleaders, who have been arrested and will face legal act.

Iran also expressed its displeasure on the executions at the United Nations.

‘Cutting ties would not hurt Iran’

The above statement was given by a government spokesman of Iran named as Mohammad Bagher Nobakht who stated that finishing diplomatic relations “would not hurt Iran or damage its development”.

In support to Saudi Arab, Bahrain and Sudan also broke ties with Iran.

Iranian politician Bagher Nobakht stated that the tension of Iran with Saudi Arab affects in no way to the development of their nation.

He stated that Saudi Arab is the one who will suffer, not Iran. He stated that the execution of Nimr is blowing the dignity of Iranians.

Nobakht stated that the action of Saudi Arab is immature and will face restraint from Iran.

Nobahkt also tated that they condemn the execution of Nimr

“We condemn the inhumane, barbaric and Daesh-like execution of the cleric Sheikh Nimr,”

He also stated that Riyadh is trying to reimburse for its “political failures” in regional disagreement.

Relationship of Iran and Saudi has always been sensitive.

Before the execution of Nimr’s relations of both the states were sensitive over the two states backing opposing factions in Syria and Yemen.