Oily Fish Still a Good Habit for Heart Health,Says US Doctors

By Amina Farooq

People who eat at least two servings a week of oily fish like salmon ,mackerel, are consider good way for reducing the risk of heart attack and strokes
Doctors tackled about the factor which prevent people for eating fish
This is the fear of mercury contamination which is present in many sea foodsbut mostly present in large fishes,sharks,swordfish,
tilefish,martin and orange roughy
Previous scientific research has linkage omega 3 fatty acids to a lowered risk of abnormal heartbeats.in the scientific advisory the author note that eating at least two weekly serveings of fish especially with thoes with lots of omega 3 fatty acids can help lower risk of heart failure ,coranaty heart disease, cardiac arrest and the most common type of stroke
Pregnant woman should avoid these varities of fish because of link to serious neurological problems in babies
Ideally, people will add fish to their diet instead of unhealthy options like red meat said by Dr.Francesco sofi of the Univeristy of florence and Careggi University Hospital in Florence,Italy