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Ohio: 8 Dead in Gun Rampage

At least 8 people have been murdered in the “execution-style killings” in 4 places near each other in the rural Ohio.

It is assumed that the victims – that including 2 children & 5 adults – belonged to the same family, the said the state’s attorney general in a statement.

They were all gunshot to death but there have been no arrests & no “active shooter” situation.

Over a dozen officials from the multiple agencies were directed to the crime scenes in Piketon, situated in the south of Columbus.

A pastor present at scene stated that the ferocity might have been the result of a “domestic situation.”

7 of fatalities were discovered in the homes that are along the Union Hill Road in Pike County. It’s yet vague where the 8th body was recovered.

Ohio: 8 Dead in Gun Rampage
There are ‘multiple crime scenes’ in Piketon, Ohio

The Local schools Peebles High School and Peebles Elementary were earlier on the “lockout” – no-one went in nor anyone went out – due to ongoing situation in Piketon, said a representative for Adams County Ohio Valley Schools.

FBI in the Cincinnati tweeted that they’re “closely monitoring the situation”.

John Kasich, the Ohio Governor & the Republican presidential candidate tweeted that the circumstances are “tragic beyond comprehension.”