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Obama used last hours in office to send $221m to the Palestinian Authority

Final act of Barack Obama’s administration was to release $221m of funding to the Palestinian Authority.

The funds are to be used for humanitarian aid in the West Bank and Gaza and other projects of governance and political reforms.

Republican members of Congress had tried to block the issuance after the group sought membership of international organizations. Though executive branch respected the holds placed by members of Congress. State Department officials said they would release the money just hours before Donald Trump’s inauguration on 20th January.

Money was also released for climate change programmes and to various UN agencies-$4m and $1.25m, respectively.

The UN money will go to tackle sexual exploitation, Ozone protection and peace-building. According to the reports Donald Trump’s administration was in the “beginning stages” of discussing a plan to move the US embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke with Mr Trump over telephone, but the White House statement released after the call did not mention anything regarding embassy.

The Palestinians have said that an embassy move would kill any prospects for peace.