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Obama Urges EU to Stick with UK, on his Last Visit to Britain as US President

President Barack Obama urged the United Kingdom to stick with the European Union, as Obama initiates his final trip to Britain as the president of the United States by having lunch with Queen Elizabeth 2.

President, on his 3-day visit along with his wife, Michelle Obama is meeting the Prime Minster, David Cameron for talks.

The US President had told the Daily Telegraph being in the European Union expanded Britain’s influence across world.

However, Mayor Boris Johnson of London had called Obama’s view “hypocritical,’’ elaborating the EU system as “alien” to the traditions of the United States.

PM Cameron is hosting the talks with President Barrack Obama at the Downing Street.

Obama Urges EU to Stick with UK, on his Last Visit to Britain as US President
Barack and Michelle Obama and first lady Michelle Obama were taken to Windsor Castle by Marine One helicopter

Obama’s intervention in UK’s upcoming EU referendum on June 23 has been hotly discussed & flickered the claims of “hypocrisy” from those who want to leave European Union. They claim that the United States “wouldn’t contemplate anything like European Union for itself.”

President Obama in an article had acknowledged that eventually the matter was for the British voters to make a decision for themselves.

However, he also said, “The outcome of your decision is a matter of deep interest to US.’’

“Tens of thousands of the Americans who rest in Europe’s cemeteries are silent testament to just how intertwined our prosperity and security truly are,” Obama added.

To the response of which, PM Cameron tweeted that, “The United States is 1 of our closest allies. So it is important to hear Obama on why we’d remain in EU.”

Laura Kuenssberg, the BBC’s political editor said that a Brexit-supporting cabinet minister stressed that President Obama’s view “wasn’t the settled view in the United States of America. Republicans do not agree and there’s disquiet at his blatant meddling in United Kingdom politics.”

Speaking to paper, President Obama said that US’s affiliation with UK had been “forged as we spilt the blood together on battlefield.”

He also said that UK had profited from being inside EU in the terms of trade and financial growth. He added that it “magnifies’’ UK’s global influence.

“This kind of cooperation – from the intelligence sharing & counter-terrorism to forging the agreements to create jobs & economic growth – will be far more effective if it extends across the Europe. Now’s time for the friends & allies to stick together,” he concluded.