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Obama Shows Concern over Surging Violence in Syria.

Barrack Obama, the U.S. President said during his visit to Germany that he was “deeply concerned” about a heave in violence in Syria, where the govt. forces have stepped up the bombing of the rebel-held areas around strategic city of Aleppo.

Speaking after talks with Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, Obama spoke of “tragic humanitarian crisis” in Syria and he said that he continued to believe in political solution to fighting there.

“We remain deeply concerned about upsurge in fighting in Syria over last several days, & continue to agree that the only real durable solution’s a political solution that moves Syria towards an inclusive govt. that represents all Syrians,” said Obama.

The Germen Chancellor urged the parties to peace talks in Geneva that are at risk of collapsing, to agree humanitarian zones where the fleeing Syrians could be free from bombardment.

She & Obama made clear that they didn’t favor the creation of the classical “safe zones” which’d need to be protected by the foreign forces.

2 leaders, who developed a strong, reasonable relationship after rocky start in which Ms. Merkel had refused to permit Obama, then a senator campaigning for presidency, to speak at Brandenburg Gate in 2008, touched on range of issues, including Libya, North Korea, Ukraine and the free trade talks.

President Obama commended Merkel for her “steady leadership” & the handling of Europe’s refugee crisis, saying that her last year’s decision to welcome a hundreds of thousands of migrants to Germany had put her “on right side of history.”

He jested that Merkel, who dearth his easy-going charm, had a “good sense of humor” that she did not essentially always share in public, drawing chuckles from her.