NYT correspondent becomes victim of Rangers ‘routine search operation’

Pakistan Rangers searched New York Times correspondent’s house in Islamabad on Tuesday as a part of anti-terrorist activity search operations.

Salman  Masood said on Twitter that ” Rangers need to have search warrant to carry out the search operation but they don’t have any document which notifies an operation.”  

Man in civilian dress declaring  “I am from intelligence” entered my house without identifying himself any more.

Police officer from Islamabad intimated the journalist that “we are on our way for terrorist search operation”.

Salman Masood posted some pictures which clarifies that Rangers showed up for searching his house.

He further said that “my study table drawers have also been searched our and on asking why, I was replied that its because I may not have any hidden weapon.”

Earlier Declan Walsh who was the The NYT bureau chief of Pakistan was places on the Black List A category officially in June 2013.

According to the documents, he was declared by the government a persona non grata.

The AD of directorate general for immigration and passports, Shahid Riaz issued a letter in which Walsh was blacklisted on the recommendation of the interior ministry and was declined to have issued visa and ancillary facilities without prior approval of interior ministry.

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