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NY to Raise Minimum Wage to 15 Dollars an Hour

The state legislative leaders & Governor Andrew Cuomo reached a deal on Thursday to elevate New York state’s minimum wage to $15 per hour, but fell squat of a uniform state-wide increase.

The arrangement summarize a faster rise in the New York City, but shapes out a slow lane for the small businesses & surrounding counties. In less affluent areas in north of city it increases to $12.50 per hour afore a state review of law’s impact.

The minimum wage settlement was the part of a broad budget deal that Gov. Cuomo declared on Thursday. The governor said that the plan included twelve weeks of paid family leave & $4.2 billion in tax cuts. The 147 billion dollar budget caps spending growth at 2%

“I believe that this’s the best plan that the state has produced in decades,” said Gov.

The budget also upsurge school funding by 6.5% to $24.8 billion & freezes tuition at state university system, SUNY.

The minimum wage has been a scandalous element in the difficult budget negotiations that threatened to interrupt the spending plan past the beginning of the state’s fiscal year on 1st April. The settlement including minimum wage, still requires to get the approval from lawmakers.

Under the conditions of deal, the minimum wage would elevate from its current $9 per hour to $15 over 3 years in NY City starting on Dec. 31st. 2016. The City businesses with up to ten employees would be given 4 years to implement the measure.

Westchester County and Long Island around New York City would be given 6 years to push through increases while rest of the state would see the minimum wage rise to $12.50 in 5 years, with indexed upsurge to $15 possible after review.

There is also a provision to dangle the increases from 2019 if the economic conditions deteriorate.

The negotiation is a climb down for Governor Cuomo & his fellow Democrats who pushed for a $15 state-wide minimum & no carve outs for the small businesses. The Republicans debated that a flat state-wide rate could hurt the businesses in the less wealthy areas.