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North Korean test missile fails, says US

Seoul: North Korean test missile fired on Wednesday failed just after seconds of its launch, said the United States military.

North Korea attempted to launch the rocket from its eastern coast near Kalma which exploded within a small time, US officials reported.

South Korea also claimed the same and said that analysis is underway to get more details.

No information is being shared by any of the two states about the genre of the missile and the reason of its failure.

A South Korean news agency said that it might have exploded as it was launched, did not even reached the altitude at which it could be detected by South Korean radar.

US and other states claims that the recent series of weapon tests by North Korea could rise tension in the region.

Today’s attempt came just after four days of the North Korean administration’s claim that it tested a new rocket engine. Earlier month it also test fired four ballistic missiles, three among which fell into Japan’s water.

Strong protest is always being observed against N. Korea’s race of weapons. Americans say that they could not tolerate this attitude. China also warned North Korea and threatened the suspension of coal import until the end of the year.

Trump had also declared the sate a big problem for United States and pledged to deal with issue very strongly.