Non-EU workers in UK to be Deported for Earning Less than 35,000 Pounds

According to the new set immigration rules that are announced by the British government, non-European Union residents who are earning less than 35,000 pounds (British) will be deported, appeared a report in The Guardian.

The new rules are expected to come into effect from 6th April, 2016.

This recent regulation will be applicable to the skilled workers who’ve lived in United Kingdom for less than 10 years, and earn less than the required amount of 35,000 pounds. However, the Certain jobs, like nursing, are an exempt.

A petition to annul this regulations has been signed by around 100,000 British citizens, & was also argued in the parliament earlier this week, but British government insists that this new regulation is fair.

The petition has gathered support from SNP, Labor & Green members of parliaments (MPs).

“In past it has been too easy for some businesses to bring in workers from overseas rather than to take a  long term decision to train our workforce here at home,” said the spokesperson from British Home Office.

In a power assessment, Home Office estimated the new salary threshold will cost the British economy between 181m pounds & 171m pounds. Other organizations have cited a much higher amount of 761m pounds.

The British govt. admitted that these new measures would have a “modest” effect on decreasing net immigration.

“We don’t believe there should be an automatic link between coming to work in the United Kingdom temporarily & staying permanently. The 35,000 pounds threshold was set following advice from Migration Advisory Committee, an independent advisory body consisting of expert labor market economists, & was equivalent to the median pay of the United Kingdome’s population in skilled jobs,” stated British Home Office whilst justifying these recent immigration regulations.

Government officials also pointed out that anyone who is entering the United Kingdom on a Tier 2 basis have been aware of the changes since year 2011.

The new rules also don’t apply to anyone who entered the country on a Tier 2 visa on or before the April 5th, 2011.