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No Safe Heavens For Terrorists in Pakistan PM Abassi

Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abassi  has   said Pakistan has fought the war on terror with its own resources and there are no safe  heavens  for any  terrorist outfit   in  Pakistan.

In a statement  Abassi   said the government has taken a clear and unanimous stance over the US leadership’s statements, which has been appreciated and acknowledged by the world.

The premier reiterated that there are no attacks taking place from    Pakistan into Afghanistan . He further said  Pakistan  has deployed about 250,000 troops on its western border and completely dismantled all hideouts of terrorists.

Speaking about political situation in the country,  Abassi categorically stated that the government will complete its term so that the  democratic process in the country   could move forward.

He called upon all political parties to demonstrate their sincerity to  Pakistan   by adhering to the democratic system. Abassi    said holding sit-ins and sowing seeds of unrest in the society will only undermine the image of   the country.

The  Prime Minister  urged all political  parties to concentrate on the general elections to be held this year. He said that his government wants the  elections to be held on  time and  there would be no  delay in this    regard.