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No more Airport pickups through Uber and Careem in Saudia Arabia

Drivers of Uber and Careem are forbidden to pick passangers from airports in Saudi Arabia. A spokesman of the kingdom’s General Directorate of Traffic informed the reporters.

Violators would be punished by Traffic Authorities if they found any transporting passengers from airports, Colonel Tareq Al-Rubaiaan was quoted as saying.

Airport regulations have long barred private drivers from offering their cars for hire to arriving passengers in Saudi Arabia, which means the ride-sharing apps have operated in legally murky territory as they grew increasingly popular.

Saudia Arabia welcomes Uber and regional rival Careem to a far greater extent, courting both companies with substantial state investments to support its Vision 2030 economic reform plan, particularly its goal to get more women in the workforce.

In Saudia Arabia where women are not allowed to drive, women account for around 80 percent of Uber and Careem’s passengers.

In June the state’s Public Investment Fund bought a $3.5 billion stake in Uber, while state-controlled Saudi Telecom Co (STC) invested $100 million in Careem in December.