Nisar reviews his 4 years tenure

Former interior minister Chaudhry Nisar on Sunday in a press conference held a detailed review of his ministry’s performance, taking the credit for eliminating terrorism in the country.

“A big change has come in the country, in 2013, every day there used to be three to four attacks,” he said.

Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan without naming anyone said, “People who have been criticising the Interior ministry do not appear to be aware that it does not have executive powers.”

At least 32,000 passports were revoked and at least 30,000 people moved in and out of Torkham border with Afghanistan daily without required documentation, he said and that the practice was curbed.

“More than 2000 diplomatic passports and more than 0.2 million licenses for prohibited bore arms were canceled during my tenure,” he said.

100 million SIMS were deactivated and thousands of fake ID cards were canceled.

“No one can get the visa on airport now,” he said, claiming that “no terror network currently exists in Pakistan.”

The process to grant visas was further smoothened and increased security checks were introduced.

“Today Karachi is not hostage to the madness of one man,” Nisar said. He added that issues were solved once all stakeholders came together for a solution which is going to be always needed.

The former minister said those who leak news about closed-doors meetings of the political party commit dishonesty.

Civil-military relations are not in hot water he added. Commenting on the DawnLeaks controversy, he said the decision to initiate the inquiry was taken by the government and it is the government’s responsibility to make the report public.