Nisar on Ensuring Pak. Cricket Team’s Security before Departing for India

On 2nd March the interior minister expressed its concern over India’s response on security issue and also linked the possibility of Pakistani Cricket team’s tour with an agreeable assurance.

On 29th Feb., Shahryar Khan, PCB chairperson said they had conveyed their security apprehensions to ICC (International Cricket Council.)

However, the chief minister of India’s northern state of Himachal Pradesh, Virbhadra Singh, refused to provide security to the Pakistani Cricket team. He also suggested that the match of March 19 be moved from the Dharamsala to another venue or be cancelled.

Mr. Nisar said that it should be the responsibility of the Indian government to ensure security of the Pakistani team in the first place, since the world cup happens to be an international tournament, and India should be the one making sure that the security is provided to all participants. He added that a security team has is constituted and it will depart on Monday for India, ensuring the complete security for the Pakistani cricket team while participating in ICC Twenty20 World Cup.

Sources at the PM House said that Nawaz Sharif and Nisar Ali Khan have agreed to send the cricket team to India for the match. They also admitted that within the federal govt., there are some nonconforming voices who do not wish for the Pakistani Cricket Team to go to India, but the premier wants it to go.

The Federal Interior Minister, Nisar said, “ICC’s security team is in India, but time is short since our cricket team is leaving for India on Wednesday. We can delay our team’s departure till we are absolutely sure that they will be safe in India.’’

He also added that a team consisting of 3 member is formed that would be leaving for India on Monday. “I have asked the PCB chairman to wait, and the team can wait until the security clearance is assured,” he elaborated further.

However, the insiders claimed that the decision of sending a security team to India before the Pakistani team was a mere formality. They added that this security team would also recommend the measures for improving the cricketers’ security.

Najam Sethi, PCB executive committee head as well as the PCB chairperson, agreed with Nawaz Sharif as regards sending the Pakistani team to India.