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New Delhi decides not to reveal evidence of Surgical Strike

Lahore: The drama of India’s claimed surgical strike is taking more twists and turns. New Delhi has now decided not to reveal so-called evidence of its alleged surgical strike in Pakistan.

“Very credible sources confirm that the Indian army is filming videos in the Nowgam and Leepa sectors, adjacent to the border, to show as if it is carrying out covert operations in enemy territory,” Engineer Rashid was quoted as telling reporters by the Greater Kashmir newspaper. The video, he said, will be provided “as evidence to satisfy the Indian masses and the world community.”

He said the BJP is staging the surgical strikes drama in order to boost Home Minister Rajnath Singh’s profile as a chief ministerial candidate for next year’s election in Uttar Pradesh (UP).

Director General Inter Services Public Relations (DG ISPR) Major General Asim Saleem Bajwa, dismissing the Indian claims of surgical strike, has declared the Indian statements as fictitious.

DG ISPR was addressing a press conference here on Saturday noon at Pak-India border near Line of Control (LoC) when he said that he is visiting several areas in order to unveil India’s fake claims before Pakistani public.

DG ISPR said that they are standing at this time on the Line of Control’s particular area through which Indian army claimed to have entered into Pakistan’s territory.

Asim Bajwa said that the Indian armed forces must be questioned for their loss because Pak Army has not concealed anything that happened on LOC. He informed that two Pak Army soldiers got martyred while fighting with Indian armed forces.

He went on to say that Pakistani media has not been brought so close to Line of Control (LOC).

“India is continuously violating the pact of cease fire over the LOC”, DG ISPR maintained.

Entering this 5-kilometer area and going unnoticed is impossible, he said adding that even an animal cannot move in this area without permission. The people who are claimed to be martyred by Indian armed forces, he asked where are their bodies.

The DG ISPR said that two personnel were martyred by Indian Army and whole the masses watched their funereal ceremonies.

The Indian armed forces had claimed their helicopters landed inside Pakistan territory, but DG ISPR asked the question if their helicopters  landed inside the area of Pakistan, then why people were unable to hear noise of helicopters.

Asim Bajwa asserted that Pakistan Army soldiers are sitting ready inside bunkers and waiting for Indian soldiers.