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Nevada Continues Shooting Prisoners, 16 Months after Killing a Handcuffed Man

An unarmed, manacled inmate had died in 2014 after an officer from Nevada Department of Corrections shot him with a 12-gauge shotgun that was loaded with 7 1/2-birdshot.

The Correctional experts had advised the state to halt using the shotguns to break up the serious fights But the Nevada officers are still shooting at the inmates.

An inmate at the High Desert State Prison, which is less than an hour from Las Vegas had alerted the sources to another shooting in the handwritten letter dated 24th March.


A deputy told the inmate that the shotgun rounds did more damage than the fight did

Brooke Keast, the NDOC spokesperson had confirmed the last month’s incident, however said that the shotgun was used to stop a potential injury or death. 4 inmates assaulted a lone inmate on the yard at High Desert with a handmade weapons & they continued the attack despite the warnings, the firing of a round black & rubber “stingers,” she told.

According to Keast, an officer had to skip 3 rounds of the birdshot off the ground because the assailants would not give up. The victim had suffered the multiple stab injuries. His attackers had sustained several pellet lesions, with one hit his thigh, buttocks & neck and was taken to infirmary.

Nevada officers had fired a live shotgun round once every 10 days between 1 Jan, 2012 & 26 June 2015, according to the sources.

Nevada claimed the way it uses birdshot — skipping the pellets randomly off floor — is a non-lethal tactic that is used only as a last resort to prevent the injury or death. However at least 22 inmates at 3 facilities were wounded by the shotgun blasts last year. Over years, the uninvolved bystanders have also been hit

The state took contemporary measures that have led to a reduction in the shootings, including adding the rubber stingers, beefing up training and issuing chemical sprays to the officers.