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Nehal Hashmi reveals the story behind his controversial speech

The judiciary proceeding of Nehal Hashmi’s in the Supreme Court had been adjourned after a brief hearing on Monday.

A bench consisting of three judges, headed by Justice Ejaz Afzal Khan, had issued a notice against Nehal Hashmi’s controversial video, in which he threatened the Panama’s JIT and Judiciary.

Nehal Hashmi said that he cannot submit his reply because he does not have a copy of his speech. He also requested that if that video can be played.

Upon which, Justice Ijazul Ahsan denied from his plea and did not allow to play this video in court.

Hashmi also took some time to finalise his counsel because no lawyer is ready to take his case.

The bench agreed with the request of Nehal Hashmi and postponed hearing till 16th June.

Nehal Hashmi said that PTI distorted his speech and this is against law and regulations and an act of a criminal. He also said that his reply to court will prove this act.

Nehal Hashmi claims himself as a patriot. He further added that he has asked Supreme Court to perform Umrah.

In his video, he highlighted that you will retire one day then you will not be spared.

PM also instructed him to resign from Senate on this act.

While he was talking to the media outside the court he said that he asked Allah and the supreme court to forgive him. He elaborated that he was talking about some particular person, not about the judiciary. He also claims him the greatest defender of the Judiciary.

On 3rd June, the Attorney General of Pakistan asked Sindh government to file a case against Nehal Hashmi and then case filled at Bahadurabad Police Station of Karachi.

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