Negligence of CAA ruins Aviation industry of Pakistan

Walton airport runway blocked since morning as a training plane Cessna 152 of Lahore flying club skidded off the runway that was being flown by a student.

Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) sealed the Walton airport and no flights have taken off or landed there since the incident took place. It is because the technical staff of CAA has not visited the spot yet.

This non serious attitude of the Civil Aviation staff has already ruined the aviation industry in Pakistan however, they never learn from their mistakes and instead, keep blaming the flight operators for their own negligence.

The technical staff of CAA must have investigated the matter quickly and opened the runway for other flights. CAA has left a black mark on their performance since last few years and therefore, they are losing the trust on them.

Internationally, even when any big incident occurs at airport, the staff is so quick and trained that they do not let any other flight to be affected by the incident as the higher authorities there, pay attention to their work and instead of just taking pays and keeping their posts with them for years, they emphasize on their work also. Then why is CAA Pakistan so dull in their work that they can not clear a runway after a small incident even after a whole day.

It is not that they are not that well trained and if they really are not, then why are they holding the seats that a trained staff should have. Why is Civil Aviation Authority is only existing as a name now? Is not it the responsibility of authority to take notice and order to open a probe into that immediately.

The place is to learn flying and if they would not provide the students space to make mistake and learn, then how CAA can expect able pilots.

Regarding the Walton Airport, CAA has mentioned on its website very impressive description however, the incident and negligence of CAA shows that the reality is opposite to the one mentioned on website.

The point mentioned on CAA website reads: Regular maintenance and repair commitments (of special& routine nature) pertaining to airfield, CAA premises, all residential areas i.e. CAA Staff Colony, Officer’s Residential Complex, Bachelor accommodations, Medical Center and School etc.

Then why is the staff not working according to the way declared. CAA needs to change their attitude towards their work and should fulfill their duties. Otherwise, there would come a time when CAA would be known “ancient”. Lets see when the Walton runway is opened again.