Nazia Hassan: Queen of the Early Pop Era alive in hearts of millions

Today marks the 17th death anniversary of the Pop queen of Pakistan, Nazia Hassan. She is still remembered with love by her fans all around the world.

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Nazia was born in 1965 in Karachi and is still celebrated as the first ‘real’ pop female singer of the world. The beautiful girl was nothing less than a nightingale- enchanting, vibrant and full of energy. She gifted this world some amazing music and that is why she is still alive in our hearts.

Nazia departed from the world on 13th August 2000 after battling bravely with cancer.

Two years after her death, she was awarded with “Pride of Performance”.  She was honoured with Golden Disc Award, Double Platinum award and Filmfare best female playback award for her amazing talent and efforts. She was paid tribute by Coke Studio Season 7 as well as by ARY news.

Nazia Hassan was recognized by the world when she produced the lead vocals for ‘Aap jaisa koi’. Then right after her debut album ‘Disco Deewany’ came out giving her more exposure to music industry. Her album was the first one to become famous in Brazil, Indonesia, South Africa and Russia. Nazia along with her brother Zoheb Hassan collaborated different songs and received the title of perfect duo in the world. She worked for almost 25 years and covered both Pop and Disco genres.

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Her songs boom boom, ankhein milany waly, disco deewany, dosti and aag are still admired and popular among today’s generation.

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Looking at the other side of the story Nazia was not just a singer. She proved to be a well educated person by showing her generosity and giving her money to charitable organizations. She was a lawyer by profession and she had graduated from London University.

After releasing five studio albums, she became an active social worker, spending days and nights for people’s welfare. Her last album ‘camera camera’ consisted of a song Nasha na kro to help reduce use of narcotics in the country. She conducted campaigns with her brother Zoheb against drug abuse and also funded an organization named Battle against Narcotics (BAN).

She is an unsung hero, who kept her struggles to herself and fought courageously against deadly lung cancer. For many, she is still a big ray of inspiration. She is appreciated as a soulful singer and a notable humanitarian.

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She was a strong woman in a male dominant society. Her efforts will never go in vain as she gave life to the society like water gives to a withering flower.