Naya Pakistan & New Commitment

The compassion of overseas Pakistani is overwhelming and inspiring. One after another, our skilled Pakistanis are resigning from abroad and coming back to Pakistan in hope to make the substantial contribution to overcoming the challenges ahead. In the video, the non-residential Pakistan from Sydney congratulates Sheikh Rashed, Pakistan Railways Minister, and offers him his services free of cost for the initial 3-6 months in reviving the railway system of Pakistan.

Khawaja Saad Rafique, former Pakistan Railways Minister, destroyed Pakistan Railways with his alleged corruption. All tall claims to bring about revolutionary changes made by the former Federal Minister, Khawaja Saad Rafique, crumbled under the expenditure of the department which reached Rs. 90 billion in the ongoing fiscal year (2017-2018) during his tenure, till last month.

Due to the massive corruption in the name of kickbacks and allocated fund-embezzlements, as of now, Pakistan Railways is suffering from the deficit of Rs.40 billion and the previous PML-N government has injected Rs.184.5 billion in last five years to keep the Railways operational.

It’s a humongous task for Sheikh Rasheed and PTI to resuscitate the dying Pakistan Railways. Hopes are high and deeply pinned on them.

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