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Nawaz Sharif will be disqualified before Eid-ul-Fitr

PML-Q President Ch Shujaat Hussain addressing a press conference at his residence, said it was the PM himself who had planned an attack on the Supreme Court when Sajjad Ali Shah was the chief justice. Prior to the attack, Sharif had tapped all private telephonic conversation of the former chief justice and had made consultation with different party men including Gohar Ayub that how to teach a lesson to “defiant” Shah. He said Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif wanted to send former chief justice Sajjad Ali Shah to jail, and the then law minister and prominent lawyer Khalid Anwar is also a witness to this.


He claimed that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is backing his party leaders for launching attacks on the judiciary and the joint investigation team probing the Panama leak case against Sharif family. “Those who had attacked the apex court were given meal at Punjab House,” he added.


While replying to a question about the sacrifice of the rulers, said this will happen even before Eidul Fitr.


Sharif family, particularly two brothers Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif have always been planning against the courts which also included immoral activities as well “example of which I had given about recording of bedroom phones tapping and personal conversation of former chief justice which is an immoral act in all respects”.


He said further, “I challenge even if one credible lawyer out of more than one lakh lawyers of the country says that no such incident had taken place in presence of Khalid Anwar, then I will accept my mistake and every punishment, what easy proof than this I can present”.


He said on increasing tension in many matters between Nawaz Sharif and Supreme Court, Nawaz got Supreme Court attacked through Shahbaz Sharif, which became laughing stock all over the world and even today that is considered to be the blackest day of the history of Pakistan.

Shujaat said Nawaz asked the then Speaker National Assembly Gohar Ayub Khan to suggest some way that the chief justice be summoned before the Privileges Committee of the Parliament and admonished.


Some close people of the prime minister endorsed his decision but Gohar Ayub said under the rules and regulations the Committee do not have the power to take such a big step and warned there could be strong reaction to this, do not commit such a mistake, after this the prime minister asked Gohar Ayub to accompany him to the Prime Minister House, “on the way as stated by Gohar Ayub, Nawaz put his hand on his knee and asked him to find a way out that the chief justice is sent to jail even for one night only,” on this the speaker said for God’s sake do not think about such things which will bring the entire system to the ground but Nawaz remained adamant and got Supreme Court attacked.


Shujaat said likewise in 1997 he (Nawaz) got Bahawalpur Bench attacked saying that Justice Bokhari had not given the verdict of Nawaz Sharif’s liking. To a question about Hussain Nawaz being in jails, Shujaat asked which jail he has been in. In response to another question, he said Imran Khan had a big role in bringing the rulers to such a situation.