Nawaz realises the power of ‘Container’

A bullet-proof container is under-construction for the rally of Nawaz Sharif who once strongly opposed the container of Imran Khan, terming Khan’s politics the “container politics”.

On the other hand, Punjab government has asked all the Patwaris posted within the proximity of GT Road to bring people to welcome the disqualified prime minister. Patwaris who are posted the GT Road have been asked to bring 1,000 people, those patwaris who are posted within the radius of 10-20 kilometres to the GT Road have been asked to bring 500 people, those who are posted further away have been asked to bring 150-200 people. At least 50 percent strength of each police station will join the rally in civvies with PML-N flags.

All the janitorial staff will join the rally at designated places whereas the school teachers and staff will also participate in the rally.

As per the PML-N source, the rally will leave from D-Chowk on Wednesday at 09:00 am and will then travel from Blue Area to Zero Point from where other groups will also join it.

Several leaders of PML-N have been asked for the arrangements of Nawaz Sharif’s journey to Lahore from Islamabad on Wednesday (August 9). Nawaz Sharif will travel through GT Road and the entire route plan has been finalized.

The interior ministry has yet not given security clearance of his planned route from Islamabad to Lahore. Banners and flexes in favour of Nawaz Sharif have been erected on The Mall Road, Lahore.

Meanwhile, PTI leader Naeemul Haq has questioned the source of money which is being lavishly spent on the rally of Nawaz Sharif. He said the political credibility of Nawaz Sharif has finished.