Nawaz Attended Senate Once this Parliamentary Year

ISLAMABAD: While there wasn’t a solo sitting of Senate with 100pc attendance during its parliamentary year that ended on Friday, PM, Nawaz Sharif made only 1 visit to the upper house.

The annual report of the Senate’s performance from March 12, 2015 to March 11, 2016 (the parliamentary year) said out of 119 working days, the usual attendance of senators remained 68.6pc.

In the house of hundred and four members, the maximum strength of 97 were present soon after the parliamentary year started on March 13th, 2015.

The lowest attendance, on January 15th, 2016 was documented when with 48 senators attending the session.

The report stated that forty-seven bills were presented in Senate during that period. Out of the 239 resolutions that were submitted, 182 were admitted & 62 passed while the others were either disallowed, lapsed or were dropped.

Report on parliamentary year says that the average attendance of senators remained 68.6pc

PILDAT (Pakistan Institute of Legislative Development & Transparency) praised the Senate report & said that the upper house had established a high standard for the parliamentary openness and  transparency.

PILDAT, however criticized that PM, Nawaz Sharif had attended only 1 of 103 sittings in the entire year

“The prime minister violated Rule 61(2A) that had been amended by the senators in 2014 to make it mandatory for him to attend the zero hour of the sitting at least once a week,’’ they said.

The report also added that the presence of ministers in Senate was also negligible & some were even barred, by the chairperson from entering the house.

It advocated that a ‘conflict of interest’ provision should be introduced & members of both the houses announce all financial interests that may create a conflict of interest between their responsibilities and duties as legislators & their personal interests.

The report also said that the leader of the house & the leader of the opposition had the attendance records of 76pc & 68pc respectively.

The Standing committee on finance, of Senate remained most proactive as they met 38 times during the year.

Meanwhile, the Senate committee on ports & shipping remained least proactive with 2 meetings.

The report also underlined the efforts of the chairperson Senate concerning the introduction of e-parliament that incorporated a new refurbished Senate website, live webcast & the attendance of individual senators.