Nauseating Hysteria of Indian Media on Nawaz Sharif’s Comment of Mumbai Attacks

By Nasim Zehra

We cannot let nauseating hysteria in sections of Indian media reduce ourselves into a reactive and self- flagellation mode. Indian hysteria is contrived and concocted on a news that is old and commented upon several times before. How many people from Pakistan: former DG FIA, Interior Minister Rehman Malik, NSA General Durrani and many commentators have specifically mentioned Mumbai and Pakistan involvement, even in India.

Many have written about it. Watching the Pak-India relations , the continuing curse of unresolved issues and above all the vile oppression by Indian of the Kashmiris , makes it clear that non- diplomatic and covert tools will be used by Pakistan and India both . Militants / non -State actors and extent of State patronage can be discussed but the saga of covert battles / sabotage activities is long and promises to continue within a context of unresolved issues – so Kashmiri uprising of July 1947, questionable JK annexation with India , 1948 Kashmir war, Op Gibraltar, midwifing the birth of Bangladesh (blunders are our own of  course) , cross -LOC aggression/incursion, Kargil, Kulbushan Yadav , support to TTP, attack on Samjhota, facilitating/injecting extremism/violence in legitimate Baluch movements etc..

So unless there is a sustained commitment to resolving outstanding problems, this covert arm of policy will remain active. This is another discussion ofcourse . But coming to the former PM ‘s comment made to Dawn yesterday – pretty unwise for his own sake – but it’s neither an attempt to get more votes nor sympathy. He has said this half a dozen times speaking to journalists . Ofcourse unwise of a former PM to say this in a public forum – but as unwise or wise for a former DG ISI to say on Senate floor that Pakistan sent “mehman mujahideen “ in IOK, or former army chief to say in a t.v. program that Pakistan has Dawood Ibrahim etc. However all of this sits in the public domain anyway – so not sure what damage it really does to Pakistan other than generating the habitual hysteria in the Indian media.

Meanwhile in the face of Indian media’s hysterical and contrived outrage on repeating of an old statement made by others before on a matter that is before the Pakistani courts, to start beating drums of traitor-ship against our own can ONLY be understood within the context of our own internal power play and NOT in the context of Pakistan’s national security.

What is in our national security interest is to fight our battles with India to resolve unsettled bilateral issues , on all fronts in a united and competent manner. To take consistent and clear not confused and contradictory / clever by half positions while engaging India/ international community on matters critical to our national security. And, indeed, on domestic front I completely support that the former PM must go through a thorough and transplant accountability process, and that the Panama case was absolutely needed- and that the SC decision about his political future is according to the Constitutional provisions that his party so keenly wanted to retain during the 18th amendment discussions.

That accountability can’t be selective or only targeting politicians, is also fairly obvious.