Nationalism & Patriotic Songs Defining Pakistani Identity

Patriotism synonymous with Pakistani Identity

“Is parcham kai sayai talai hum aik hai hum aik hai”

[‘We are one under this flag that unites us as a nation’]

A very catchy verse for an incredibly catchy patriotic song. Pakistan a relatively young country has seen its fair share of wars and skirmishes against countries of the third kind [as I see it, the first kind is Pakistan itself, second kind being its allies and lastly, its enemies], hence such beautiful patriotic songs were due upon us as a proud nation to further motivate our valiant armed forces.

It is casual practice for every country to have some form of musical inspiration for their armed forces and for the general public at large to help motivate and keep their spirits high.

This is to ensure that they continue to come forward and fight for their country.

Pakistan has had several amazingly talented singers such as the late Madam Noor Jahan, The Benjamin Sisters, Nayyara Noor, Alamgir and many more who have over the years come forward and sung patriotic songs to boost the morale of our brave forces personnel.

Their efforts and their songs have not only helped to inspire the common Pakistani people but, have brought the love and affection for their country on a global platform as well as in the eyes of certain other nations, [although this might be slightly off topic, however, let us not forget that Pakistan is a country that experiences all four seasons throughout the year, and not falling in love with this country should therefore, surely be a crime in itself].

With such a beautiful country at its back, who would not want to sing a soulful melody in its commemoration.

Pakistan has had many good songs and singers. One of the most prominent songs has been “Dil dil Pakistan” which was sung by the group Vital Signs back in the late 80’s.

Moreover, there was a time when this song was almost considered to replace the officially accepted National Anthem of Pakistan written by Hafeez Jullundhri. However, certain people protested against the fact that such a song although extremely patriotic, does not need to be our national anthem.

Every few years a new song or anthem is released to reprove the souls of our nation, to stand up for our country at a time when all seems lost. This not only helps us in reuniting as one body, It also reminds us of the sacrifices of our ancestors and connects us with them in ways unimaginable, and lastly, it provides us with a certain sense of liberating energy to remind the unknown enemy that Pakistan is here to stay, and that we are alive and ready to defend ourselves and our motherland.

Recently, PAF has launched a new song which commemorates the air force for its commendable efforts in the progress of our homeland. This patriotic anthem has been well loved by many people and much appreciated by the air force authorities simultaneously.

We need to bring out new talent and new music to give our nation the hard earned respect it so dearly needs. We should stand up with our armed forces and show our enemies that we are one United Nation.

Pakistan Zindabad!