Nation Celebrates Junoon’s Platinum Jubilee of “Azadi”

Nation continues to love its legends!

There are few pieces of music which survive the test of time especially when it comes to pop and rock & roll. But Junoon not only survived this test with flying colors but imparted a message through their fascinating music which is still relevant and all the way more important than ever.

Azadi was a blend of Sufi Rock, Psychedelic Rock and Classical Rock with unforgettable scores like Sayonee, Meri Awaz Suno, Khudi Yaar Bina and Mukh Gay Nay, and Heer among 15 of its other numbers. It was produced by John Alec & Dr. Salman Ahmad, and Alec also engineered & mixed the numbers. Ustad Ashiq Ali was also the additional musician for Azadi with Tabla and Tambourin.

There are very few musical pieces which go down in history as timeless in modern music and Junnon gave these classics with Azadi. Not only in terms of music but also in terms of the message which it gave: peace, Sufism, and freedom of speech and the aesthetics with which these songs were filmed.

People keep the music of Junnon still hold near to their heart to this date. Azaadi is an album people still love even after 21 years. The band consisted of Dr. Salman Ahmad (lead guitarist and backing vocals), Ali Azmat (lead vocalists), and Brian O’ Connel (guitarist). Though the group disbanded years ago the music and the poetry and music of Junoon is still germane.

with Azadi, a person can get a blend of not only different music styles but of themes which are still relevant. Junoon has elements belonging to every genre. This Album was Junoon’s debut in India and it was played on Z Tv and made Junoon an instant sensation across India. Azadi came up with a totally new musical genre unheard off earlier not only in Pakistan but in Asia. It was a trendsetter in introducing SufiRock to the world. Sufi music is considered as very serious, spiritual and soulful with deep philosophical messages and Junoon mixed it with modern tones and sequences. It was perception altering and highlighted the social evils which still exist and, unfortunately, shall continue to do so. but the message of Azadi shall continue to ring true as well.

Zee Tv invited Junoon to perform in Zee Cine Awards. Their Album was also played on MTV and channel V. They also performed with International icons such as Sting, Prodigy, Def Leppard among many others. The poetry of Azadi songs is inspirational, meaningful and genuine, and significant point is that Junoon exposed the vulgar injustices in society with the powerful vocals, poetry, and music.