NASA releases dozens of its software for free public access

Houston, Texas: United States space agency NASA has recently released its 2017-2018 software catalogue which includes number of apps, tools, code of libraries and much more enabling anyone to access them free of cost.

It is the third time that NASA has released scores of software for public access under its technology transfer programme which can be accessed through

The catalogue of 154 pages, also present on the site which is available in both hard copy and online, includes 20 best softwares structured into 15 categories. These have several software packages for vehicle management, materials science, aeronautics, data and image processing, business system, propulsion and operations, autonomous systems.

It also has Space Weather App for Android, Station Spacewalk, a game, which many can enjoy and also has number of 3-dimensional models, textures and images free of cost which can be used both for educational and personal purposes.