Naqeeb’s father warns against using his son name to disgrace state institutions

ISLAMABAD: Father of Naqeebullah Mehsud, an aspiring model killed in fake encounter on January 13 last year, warned that his son name should not be used to disgrace state institutions.
He has firm faith on the institutions that justice would be done and the culprits involved in his son brutal killing would be made example.
Muhammad Khan, in a video message, said that it should be stopped that ‘The ones responsible for terrorism are the ones in uniform’, as Naqeeb would get justice from the same uniform, because I have no doubt on anyone intention.
He expressed his optimism that the Prime Minister Imran Khan, the army chief and the Chief Justice of Pakistan would honour their promises to bring the culprits involved in Naqeeb’s killing to justice.
Naqeebullah Mehsud was killed in Karachi during a fake encounter staged by a notorious counter specialist Rao Anwar, a senior superintendent of police (SSP) of Karachi’s Malir District.
On January 17, Naqeebullah’s dead body was handed over to his relatives at the Chhipa Welfare Association morgue in Karachi. The fake encounter sparked countrywide protests against extrajudicial killings in Pakistan.
Muhammad Khan said that he would not allow anyone to collect funds on the name of Naqeeb, adding that those who are trying to use his son name and the case for taking personal advantages are not with him and they themselves would be responsible for it.
Naqeeb father said that the Pak army exposed the foreign militants and cleansed the terror-stricken Waziristan from the terrorists and restored complete peace in the restive tribal region, resultantly the long-neglected areas witnessed a drastic development.
He said that they would try to convey their voice to the high-ups within the ambit of the law of the land, as it weakened the country as well as the army to talk against Pakistan.
“Pak army is building markets, schools and protecting our children,” Khan claimed and added that we should not talk about the rights of specific area, as the whole country Pakistan is ours.
Khan went on to say that no country could compete with Pak army if the nation backed them.
It is pertinent to mention here that Army Chief Qamar Javed Bajwa held meeting with Naqeeb’s father in April last year and held out assurance that justice would be done.
However, despite lapse of a year, Rao Anwar, who recently retired from service, is still rooming freely and is yet to be punished for his crime.
Rao Anwar claimed that Naqeebullah had links with the Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan, Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, and the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Daesh).However, the claims were contested by Naqeebullah’s relatives and human rights activists, especially the Pashtun Tahafuz Movement (Pashtun Protection Movement), who launched a campaign to seek justice for him. An inquiry committee consisting of senior police officers was formed to investigate the killing, which found Naqeebullah to be innocent, and declared that the alleged police encounter staged to kill him and three others was fake.