Najam Sethi must apologize over blaming gang-rape victim

A 15-year-old girl was kidnapped, drugged and then gang raped in a local hotel in Lahore. The rapists then asked the parents to pick their unconscious daughter from the hotel room she was assaulted in. The main accused, Mian Adnan Sana Ullah is a Pakistan Muslim League -Nawaz (PML-N) member who is seen with big names of PML-N leads including Nawaz Sharif, Rana Sana Ullah, Rana Mashood, Hamza Shahbaz Sharif and even Shahbaz Sharif,

Mian Adnan Sana Ullah
The official Facebook profile of Mian Adnan has a display picture of him sitting with Rana Mashood which shows that they really have good terms
Mian Adnan Sana Ullah with Nawaz Sharif
Mian Adnan Sana Ullah spotted with Nawaz Sharif
mian Adnan sana ullah gang rape suspect 2
Mian Adnan Sana Ullah spotted with Rana Sana Ullah
Mian Adnan spotted with Hamza Shahbaz Sharif
Mian Adnan spotted with Hamza Shahbaz Sharif

Then apparently Najam Sethi appears on a national TV and blames the gang – rape victim that the incident was not a rape because the girl knew one of the kidnappers. So he meant that she then would have agreed to be drugged and raped by eight men. Najam Sethi’s The Friday Times brought up a story blaming the girl for the incident.

Earlier, Najam Sethi also defended PML-N in Kasur child sexual abuse scandal naming it as an issue of property, land and party politics. How can a man blame a victim for what happened with her? How can an insane person surface such a game to save the political party he must be supported from.


Yesterday on Saturday, it was reported that the victim of gang-rape tried to commit suicide. Her family reports that she jumped from her roof and got severely injured after which she was taken to hospital where she was treated in emergency then.

The Friday Times after noting the outrage against the publishing, deleted the article however, has not apologized.

The victim of the brutal assault is a 15-year-old girl studying in 8th grade. It was also reported that PML-N Punjab Youth Wing additional secretary general Mian Adnan Sana Ullah and his associates kidnapped her from Multan Road and then forced her to drink some drink which made the girl to lose her conscious.

Adnan sana ullah gang rape Mian Adnan Sana Ullah gang rape

At some reports, it is also being said that the girl wanted to become a model and Adnan promised her to introduce in the industry for which she went with Adnan to that hotel. However, many other stories are being surfaced.

Minister of Education Punjab, Rana Mashood and Minister of Law, Rana Sanaullah both have rejected any links with Mian Adnan Sana Ullah however the suspect has been spotted at many places with these ministers and enough with the leadership of PML-N. The banners of PML-N election campaign also had Mian Adnan on it. Then how can these ministers reject having any contact with suspect?

The PML-N is a party with unjust policies. There is no law or regulation for PML-N and so the ones of PML-N can commit any crime with no punishment. There are many examples which clearly show that PML-N related people are luckiest in Pakistan as they keep others unlucky with their Negative Power. One of the biggest example was when Punjab police killed dozens of Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) workers on the orders of chief minister and law minister of Punjab. No justice was given to them. Then occurred another attack by police during the sit-in of Pakistan Tehreek -e- Insaf (PTI) and PAT which also killed many people and then Chaudhry Nisar, interior minister, reached the place appreciating the police for their work.

PML-N workers killed PTI workers at many places and many times they received the back of big names like Rana Sanaullah. Let’s recall the crimes of Rana Sanaullah who is the so called minister of law, is accused of killing many people for his personal sake and another big name of PML-N, Abid Sher Ali  and his father, Chaudhry Sher Ali leveled these allegations. Rana Sana was mainly involved in the Model Town incident as the orders were given by him to police to open fire and use their power.

Talking about Rana Mashood, he is the man who was clearly exposed by Pakistan’s very known anchorperson Mubasher Lucman with the proofs of videos. Rana Mashood even denied those videos, however, NAB has investigated the matter recently and a he is under hot water now.

The official Facebook profile of Mian Adnan has a display picture of him sitting with Rana Mashood which shows that they really were having good terms and moreover, the information that Adnan had updated n her profile in “About” section told that Mian Adnan was Coordinator to Minister of Education, Sports, Youth Affairs, Tourism, Higher Education and Arcoligy Punjab at Government of Punjab. Moreover, he had also mentioned that he was Additional Secretary General Punjab PML-N Youth Wing at PML-N.

MIan Adnan Sana Ullah 3

How can Rana Mashood or Rana Sana Ullah deny their contact with him then? The pictures are no photo-shopped and of course, the post in party is not a joke too. If the leadership is ‘FALSELY’ unaware and unrelated to the key suspect of gang -rape of a 15-year-old girl, then how s that man appointed on such an important rank in the party?

Making Metros, bringing Orange Train to Lahore or building the Disney land in Pakistan is not what is basically required. There is something called the “security” of girls, children and even boys, that is now required. CM takes notice of the matter? Then what? The life goes on…

The need of hour is a serious action taken by CM and even PM, as the key suspect was spotted with both of them.