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Naeem Bukhari Seriousely Injured in London

By Maryam Iraj

Pakistan’s renowned legal expert, senior leader of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, and a man who is known for his wit and cutting-edge humour,Naeem Bukhari, suffered multiple injuries after falling down from the platform of an underground station in London.

According to a statement issued by PTI’s Central Media Department (CMD), “senior PTI leader Naeem Bukhari has sustained multiple injuries after experiencing a fall on the platform of a London underground station. This has resulted in an injury to his head, as well as fractured ribs.”

Following the unfortunate incident, Naeem Bukhari has been immediately taken to St. Mary’s Hospital London. PTI further told that doctors determined his condition as stable now.

PTI leader, Naeem Bukhari, was on an overseas trip to America and London for fundraising campaign of the Namal College. Had he not been injured, he would have been in Washington DC, USA,today on a fund-raising spree for Namal according to the following schedule.

Imran Khan, Chairman PTI, expressed deep concerns over Naeem Bukhari’s injuries and wished him a quick recovery. “Wishing Naeem Bokhari the best of health and a speedy recovery. My prayers, and the prayers of so many others, are with him,” Imran Khan tweeted on Wednesday evening.

Pertinent to note here that there is a video of CCTV footage going viral of an escalator which opened up and almost chewed up a man. To put the record straight, this video is not of Naeem Bukhari and it first surfaced on 28 March, 2018, in MTO News. Here is the link to news and video, and that incident took place in Turkey, Istanbul.