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Nadia and Farieha, Braving the Taboo

By Maryam Iraj

Proud of you girls!

You shared your pain with millions so that we stand united and fight.

In the heat of ongoing Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) debate and Zainab’s tragic case,  female celebrities in Pakistan are getting more vocal and daring to relate their CSA nightmares. And rightly so, it is the time. CSA is a social demon which needs to be addressed and killed; silence of parents and adults can’t do that.  It’s not a taboo. We need to talk about it to educate our innocent kids and scared parents to be wary of such situations.

Nadia Jamil, a famous Pakistani actress and an activist, took to twitter to disclose her CSA experiences. Though the memories are painful but hush-hush attitude toward this evil won’t do anything, and it never did. That’s why we continue to have Zainabs and other girls left dead on the streets.

She tweets the following:

Another media celebrity and the CEO of Cat Work Events braved the silence of millions by relating her own CSA experienc on twitter:

More power & much respect your way!