Nabila on Journey of IIFA 2018

Changing Pakistan's Recognition

Nabila procured the stature of turning into the first Pakistani ever to render services to a universal stage.

Conversing with media about her important experience of working with Bollywood superstars and individuals from the Indian film club under the flag of IIFA, Nabila said that she has contributed in changing Pakistan’s picture to the outside world.

“The greatest compliment that I got was the way that I’ve changed the view of Pakistan. With the goal that made me extremely glad,” Nabila told.

Sharing how she observed the Indian business to appear as something else or like that of Pakistan’s Nabila expressed that the previous is a long ways ahead.

“They are clearly very in front of us, have turned out to be composed. There was not a solitary re-take relating to any move execution or go about as everything was shot in one go. So there are a considerable measure of things that we can gain from them to enhance our aptitudes,” she included.

Nabila likewise expressed that she felt regarded to collaborate with IIFA as she was respected, given a gigantic stage to speak to her art and expertise, as well as her image and nation. Where proficient hair and cosmetics brands try to wind up a piece of such occasions, she was pleased to be related with one that carried with itself enormous PR and marketing chances.

She additionally shared how her accuracy haircutting ability for men, featured through her image N-Gents, got gratefulness from different big names at IIFA.

“Male performers are typically overwhelming and they represent the deciding moment the film. Having said that, they are very ignored in the hair-and-cosmetics division. Yet, the consideration that we could provide for men’s hair was something that they had not seen previously. They needed us to open a salon there, so they were exceptionally awed,” Nabila said.

The ace expert beautician shared that the Indian famous people were inviting and had confidence in her and her ability, adding that she tries to proceed such joint efforts later on as well.