Nabeel Gabol reaches Bani Gala


Bani Gala: Former MNA of Pakistan Peoples Party and MQM Nabeel Gabol reached Bani Gala (the residence area of PTI chief Imran Khan) here on Monday night, the media reported.


After reaching Bani Gala, before meeting PTI chief Imran Khan, he held a press conference and said that he is here in Bani Gala to tell the people of Pakistan that it’s the time to save your country.


“This time will not come again in your life”, he said.


On a question, he told that he has not decided yet which party he is going to join but he is with Imran Khan because he is fighting with the people who have looted the money of the poor people of this country.

He added he has not many people like Imran Khan but he has people in thousands which will be seen by the media tomorrow on 10am.

on a question he replied that no one can stop me from attending PTI’s sit-in because ‘I am a son of Lyari’.


He went on to say that Pervaiz Rasheed is a ‘little goat’ and he knows many corrupt people, if these people are not held now, people would not have a chance to hold them again.