NAB takes disciplinary actions against 22 corrupt employees

Islamabad: During the past three years, National Accountability Bureau (NAB) has imposed major penalties on at least 22 employees of NAB. During a briefing of DG HRM regarding disciplinary cases, Chairman NAB Qamar Zaman Chaudhry highlighted the requirement of accountability within the NAB in line with the Internal Accountability Mechanism (IAM) in the bureau.

The Chairman informed that NAB action under ‘NAO against government functionaries’ over corrupt actions will be believable only if defaulting within NAB are kept accountable. A NAB officer should have impeccable integrity and most maintain service discipline as he makes other accountable.

Punitive matters are important for efficient and effective performance of a system. Chairman NAB added that as good work in NAB is always appreciated, Bureaus have taken strict action against its own officials by considering the stock of complaints against them.

He was also briefed that disciplinary proceedings were launched against at least 83 officers in the last three years and 60 out of those cases have been finalized along with 22 major penalties, 34 minor penalties and four exoneration.

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