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NAB and Kamran Kayani to strike a bargain plea

LAHORE: According to sources, with the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) determined to file an orientation in the Rs16 billion DHA City (Lahore) con in contradiction of major accused Hammad Arshad, is now trying to strike a request bargain with Kamran Kayani, a brother of former Army Chief Gen Ashfaq Parvez Kayani, in the case.

The certified source stated that NAB was in communication with Mr Kayani, demanding him to any pay about Rs4bn allocated by him or face allowed actions. He is now overseas.

“The bureau (NAB) is in no hurry to bring Mr Kayani back to the country through Interpol, to make him part of the investigations. Rather it is offering him a last chance to settle the issue through a plea bargain,” a source said

In reply to some questions, a spokesman for NAB Lahore said: “Investigations against Kamran Kayani have been in the final stage. NAB is not in interaction with him to strike a plea bargain. However, under the law Mr Kayani can elect for a appeal bargain.”

A source close to Mr Kayani established that the final was in “constant touch” with NAB and tiresome to effort out a clearance without linking the investigations.

When requested why lawful proceedings had not been started against Mr Kayani despite passageway of at least four months, chiefly when a appeal bargain was not being sold with him, the spokesman said: “NAB served summons on him and will decide whether or not to proceed against him after completing the investigations against him.”

The presenter added that the accountability against Mr Kayani and Hammad Arshad, as resolute by NAB, were in billions of rupees.

NAB said that because no evocative growth work was started in the DHA City, the suspect cheated the general communal and the families of soldiers and martyrs by grudging them of their hard-earned money.

Of the amount recognized by the key suspect from the public, he spent only Rs1.82bn to obtain the 13,103 kanals.

Mr Arshad and project director of the DHA City Lahore, retired Brig Khalid Nazir Butt, are in judicial custody.