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NA standing committee on information and broadcasting summons senior anchorpersons

Lahore: National Assembly standing committee on information and broadcasting has summoned senior anchorpersons Mubasher Lucman and Rauf Klasra along with their channel owners in next meeting, for laying allegations against Speaker national assembly and member national assembly during their shows.

The meeting was chaired by Aslam Bodla in which chairman PEMRA, Absar Alam informed the standing committee that complaints lodged by the speaker and member national assembly were dispatched to the concerned department which is looking into the matter according to the defined parameters of law. Absar further told the committee that Parliament has right to call anyone who levels allegations on members of national assembly.

The complaints were filed by speaker national assembly and member national assembly named “Waseem Akhtar Sheikh”.

During the course of meeting, Chairman PEMRA told the committee that “a few anchorpersons are bringing bad name to the media and they have their own personal interest.”

Waseem Akhtar Sheikh told the committee that senior anchorperson Mubasher Lucman put baseless allegations on me during his show, but no action has been taking against him. Taking advantage of the occasion, members of the committee Mariam and Nigar Zaib said no action has been taken when allegations were leveled against the speaker National Assembly as well.

After consultations with the committee members, Chairman Aslam Bodla summoned the anchorpersons Mubasher Lucman, Rauf Kalasra and their media owners in next session of the meeting.