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NA passes resolution to stop rallies in federal capital

ISLAMABAD: The legislative body of the Lower House on Thursday passed a resolution in which it sought to stop any public rallies in the federal capital, which might disturb people’s routine lives and smooth government functioning.

The Secretary Ministry of Interior and Narcotics Control Arif Ahmad Khan also informed the committee that the government had made proper arrangements and Islamabad would not be locked. In this regard, the secretary claimed that several meetings had been held and preparations were already in progress in the ministry to deal with protestors. The committee expressed serious reservations over the November 2 scheduled protest of PTI and lock up of the city, and the committee decided to hold another meeting on Nov 1. However, some members of the committee pressed the secretary interior several times about arrangements by the government.

The committee asked the Interior Secretary to apprise the committee over the government arrangements regarding dealing with protestors. But the secretary was told that it was inappropriate to make public the arrangements in advance, something the committee agreed with. However, the secretary assured the committee all government departments would be opened and every one would come to work without any hindrance. The committee also offered Fateha prayers for the martyrs of the Quetta incident.

The committee members were of the opinion that such kind of rallies would create hurdles for schools, hospitals and private offices. They were of the view that Islamabad High Court had already passed an order to stop rallies of this kind.