The Na-maloom Afraad 2 cast excites audience with a bike rally

The cast of Na-maloom Afraad 2 has used a unique method for promotion of their film. The revival of Pakistani cinema has been possible due to such attractions.

Pakistan had been facing a lot of trouble due to flop films and empty theatres for quite some time. The film makers had failed to grasp attention of the audience due to dull concepts and poor storylines. A huge amount of audience has given preference to Bollywood and Hollywood, calling Lollywood a worn-out industry.

Many countries have used this platform for awareness and education, perfectly blending it with entertainment to present it in a lighter way. As time has passed, Pakistan has also adopted different techniques to highlight culture and to voice up against problems regarding race, culture and religion etc.

Our country has a prominent history of arts and culture. Modern technology has helped to make films a memorable experience and that is why the film makers of the country are now striving hard for success. Movies like Manto, Moor, Actor in Law, Yalghaar, Jawani Phir Nahi Ani and Wrong Number are a few which have been able to entertain the audience and gather their praise. Similar projects are being worked at to be presented in front of the people of Pakistan and help the industry to boom.

Different film crews have started using different techniques to appeal viewers and such efforts appear to be truly fruitful in most cases.

 At present, the cast of film Na-maloom Afraad 2 is in full action. Their film is set to release this year on Eid ul Azha.

The na-maloom afraad cast has raised the bars today by their oh-so-wow bike rally on the roads of Karachi. The rally included Fahad Mustafa, Hania Amir, Nabeel Qureshi with a huge bunch of bike enthusiasts. Their lush push heavy bikes totally left the crowd  awestruck.  The members are seen enjoying and laughing withTheir promotion style is being considered one of a kind. The movie includes other famous names like Javed Sheikh and Mehwish Hayat.  The cast is actively visiting different cities all over Pakistan for film promotions. Such activities are being considered healthy for Pakistan’s media industry.

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The nation is likely to give a ‘yay’ or ‘nay’ signal at Eid ul Azha and the Na-Maloom Afraad are totally ready for it.