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NA 122: At least 5 bogus ballot boxes caught in Garhi Shahu

LAHORE: Where the placards of GO NAWAZ GO and RO IMRAN RO are being held by the workers of PMLN and PTI, 5 bogus ballot boxes full of fake votes have been caught in the Sardar School at Garhi Shahu Lahore.

According to ARY News, there has been a mess ever since the ballot boxes have been found between the PMLN and PTI workers.

The bogus ballot boxes have been caught by the PTI women supporters.

Watch this video before casting vote in NA-122

The boxes according to the sources, have been taken in custody by the Police.

Video: Public views on ‘who’ will win NA-122 seat

The clashes between the workers of PMLN and PTI are still going on as the both parties in the warfare state to win the seat of NA 122.

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The fingers are crossed as to which candidate will lead the other in the race of votes. Either it will be Ayaz Sadiq of PMLN or the Aleem Khan of PTI.

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The clashes between the two are more expected in the evening as the results of the polling stations will start coming out for public.

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Massive outbreak of PMLN and PTI supporters is bein seen at different polling stations across the NA 122 constituency.