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Mustafa Kamal announces protest

Mustafa Kamal held a press conference at 5 pm Monday 8th of May 2017. He announced that his party, Pak-Sar-Zameen Party, will launch a peaceful protest on the 14th of May.

He claims that they have worked tirelessly for this city and have sacrificed generations for it.

Mustafa says that on the 14th of May, 1 million people are going to come out and protest in a peaceful manner.

Demolishing the government is not our agenda. We will raise our voice until it is heard to solve all issues of the city, he said. Success will not come with the transfer of responsibility rather, issues have to be faced head on.

The main focus of the protest is to make Karachi a better city and attend to the problems the people are facing; shortage of water, load shedding, pollution etc.

Kamal and his party have put forward sixteen demands:

16 demands of Mustafa Kamal