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Muslim bus driver dies after being set on fire in Australia


Brisbane: A Muslim bus driver died in Australia after a passenger inside the bus threw ‘something’ at him that set him on fire, the Brisbane police reported.
The reports revealed that six passengers left the smoke-filled bus with the assistance of a taxi driver who forced open the back door of the bus.

Moreover, as many as eleven people were treated by the doctors for smoke inhalation and minor injuries.
The police arrested a 48-year-old man and have ruled out the possibility of terrorism.
The bus driver was identified as Manmeet Alisher, a 29-year-old man, well known in Brisbane’s Indian community.


Moreover, Alisher’s friends described him as a talented singer and dancer who was engaged to a lady a couple of months earlier.


“I’ve been facing with a number of situations, but this is a rare case where there appears to be no apparent motive,” Police Supt Jim Keogh told reporters.


He added that all the people were trying to get out of the bus but they were not able to get out from the front because of the flames.