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Music: An Affair of the Brain

If you get goosebumps while listening to your favorite piece, your mind can work wonders!

In a groundbreaking study, Harvard  graduates: Matthew E. Sachs Robert J. Ellis Gottfried Schlaug Psyche Loui, examined 20 students, 10 of which experienced goosebumps while listening to music whereas 10 experienced otherwise.

Study reveals that emotional and physical attachment to music in fact is indicative of different brain structures than those who don’t.

The research also showed that a denser volume of fibers connect their auditory cortex and areas that process emotions resulting in the better communication of the two.

Study findings have been published in Oxford Academic and the researcher Sachs in an interview to  Neuroscience said:

This means if you do get chills from music you are more likely to have stronger and more intense emotions.

In addition,  these sensations can also be linked with memories of a certain song, and this association is beyond any laboratory settings.

Although the initial  study was based on a small sample size, Sachs is currently conducting further research which will look at the brain-activity when listening to songs that register certain reactions.

By doing so, he hopes to learn neurological reactions to music and possible treatments  for psychological disorders through music. In fact, music is already is in practice for  autistic kids by many therapists.

So the good news is that all we need is a spoonful of Beethoven or  Mozart  to be cured.

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