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Mushahidullah Khan, Senator of PML-N or PIA employee?

The PML-N Senator Mushahidullah Khan claimed himself as PIA employee and stayed in a luxury hotel under PIA expenses.

As reported earlier, the senator was going to London for medical treatment.

He stayed from 21st to 28th March in the Marriot Hotel and registered himself as a PIA employee. It’s mean he was enjoying the luxury hotel at PIA expenses.

After his return, he received a sum of Rs. 1.95 million as his medical expenses from the government.

The brother of Mushahidullah Khan is a station manager at the London Heathrow airport. This is the reason that how Mashahidullah managed to register him as a PIA employee.

This is so interesting that he travelled to London, stay at PIA expenses and on return receive an amount of nearly 2 million.

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