Murree Vodka

Murree vodka has been around for a few years and it has had people turning their heads. Murree vodka is triple distilled vodka which is something new for a local distillery in Pakistan to do. Triple distilled vodka means that it is distilled thrice and with every distillation process, it is further purified and made into a much cleaner drink. Although the simple vodka that Murree brewery makes by the name of Bolskaya and Petrovaskaya are good in their own terms they do not match the taste and quality of Murree Vodka. Even though the Bolskaya and Petrovaskaya vodka are a Russian recipe but Murree Vodka has a trusted and well-known taste and the recipe that not everyone can master.

There are several different drinks that can be made with triple vodka. All you need to do is try and find the best one for you. To start with the no 1 slot goes to vodka martini. All you need for this drink is vodka, vermouth, and some bitters and voila, the best martini in town is ready, but only after shaking it in the shaker with some ice. Chilled martinis are great before dinner to calm down those tense nerves. The second best option goes to the cosmopolitan, it is best served with a hint of cranberry juice and a dash of lime, although you can add more juice to suit your taste it sure brings out the colour in your cosmopolitan. The number three on our slot today is Apple martini, certain people opt for the flavoured add-ons for the drink but natural flavours always help keep the taste of your yummy drink at its optimal level. The fourth a must-have-drink is the Bloody Mary,  the tomato juice gives it a savoury taste and has the hangover killing properties which several people like about this drink. The fifth mixer that is good and fun to have is Coca-Cola. The hardness coke has given it a punch everyone wants from vodka. Even though it’s usually not on most vodka mixing lists but it is a must try for vodka enthusiasts.

There are several other mixers that can make excellent cocktails and there several that go with the local taste. So to try vodka the best thing to do is go for the one that suits your area and your taste. The best local vodka to try id Murree Vodka, go for it and give it a try.