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Mum ‘killed teenager after he raped her six-year-old daughter’

A woman allegedly murdered a teenager after he raped her six-year-old daughter.

Connie Serbu is accused of shooting Xavier Sierra, 18, in a forest in Naples, Florida. She allegedly called police afterwards, and officers found Sierra’s body on Goodlette-Frank Road.

According to Naples News Serbu, a mother-of-two, lured her victim to the location on July 7, last year. She allegedly told officers when they arrived: ‘I don’t care, he raped my daughter, I don’t care, he sodomised my daughter… she told me everything that happened.’

Xavier Sierra, 18, was killed last year (Picture: Facebook)

Later that day, Serbu’s mentally disabled brother John Vargas was also found dead nearby.

According to police documents, she had enlisted him in her plan to kill Sierra but he died after he was shot in the abdomen while fighting the teen.

Serbu had reportedly been plotting Sierra’s murder after her daughter told her in May 2016 he raped her several years ago, according to court documents.
Serbu and her brother Vargas had apparently driven Sierra to the woodlands under the pretence he would be building a bunk bed in exchange for money.

When he realised something was wrong he ran but was chased down by the brother and sister and then shot six times, according to court files.

Vargas was allegedly killed after he fought with Sierra for possession of two guns and one of them went off.

Serbu was arrested for second-degree murder on August 25 and the case is currently being investigated, according to court papers. She had given custody of her two children to their father when the murder investigation began last year.