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Mubasher Lucman urges people to vote in Jhelum by-elections

Lahore: Senior anchorperson and investigative journalist Mubasher Lucman on Thursday encouraged the people of Jhelum to leave their drawing rooms and cast their votes in Jhelum by-elections, the Baaghi.TV reported.

It is pertinent to mention here that the by-elections for the slot of National Assembly NA-63 are going to be contested on 31st August 2016.

Moreover, the parties contesting the elections of NA-63 include Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz, Pakistan Tahreek-e Insaf, Pakistan Peoples Party, , Pakistan Muslim League Qaied-e Azam, and Jamiat Ulami-e Islam-F.

Mubasher Lucman exhorted the people that’ “If you are the registered voters of NA-63, you must go there and cast your vote as it’s your national responsibility.”

He added that a vote could make a huge difference in the results, adding “the corrupt politicians are ruling over us because majority of our people, doesn’t go to the polling booths to cast its votes.”

He asked the viewers to use (cast) their power (vote) without thinking the consequences and results of the election draw as victory or defeat is a part of the election process.

At the end, Mubasher Lucman informed the people that taking part in the election was their responsibility as in that way they can participate in the progress of their country.