Mubasher Lucman Unfolds His Wings With Khara Sach Volunteer Program (KSVP)

Time to speak the truth!

Khara Sach—a program which stood for truth for years against all odds is unfolding its wings and reaching out to common people in enabling them to speak the truth—to tell stories unheard of earlier.

In this age of social media, where a hundred stories surface, a million others get drowned in obscurity as no one pays attention to the ones being uploaded on social media. But, now, voices shall be heard, issues will be projected. And the dynamic team of Khara Sach shall do it under the astute and daring leadership of Mubasher Lucman.

Since the time Mubasher Lucman announced this program, thousands of people marched forward with an overwhelming response. As of now, there are approximately 1000 volunteers actively engaged who are working with the team of Khara Sach in its chrysalis phase.

In Azad Jammu & Kashmir, the team of Kara Sach Volunteers is spread across the 10 districts,42 MLA constituencies,19 towns, and 182 Union Councils. The significant point which is the very spirit of Khara Sach volunteer drive is its unbiased approach. Khara Sach volunteers are joining the drive irrespective of their political, religious, or ethnic affiliations. This drive is free of all strings, be it financial, socio-religious or political, anyone can join in from anywhere as long as they have the audacity and appetite to deliver the truth and that too unadulterated.

In the next move of this drive, Mubasher Lucman shall start addressing the volunteers at multiple forums by visiting their respective areas.

Following pictorial references are from Khara Sach Volunteer Program (KSVP), Muzaffarabad AJK Chapter.

Raja Zahid, head of AJK’s KSVP, in a meetup with volunteers ranging from teachers and traders along with Mr. Usman and Ali Muhammad: the movers and shakers behind this spree.